Site Prep

Northwest Florida Premier Land Clearing Construction & Land Development Company

JAC Construction has diverse capabilities which prepare us to deal with various site conditions and execute multiple trades, saving both time and money. We clear any acreage lot and have the right equipment to complete all projects with professional expertise. We have the equipment to grade down to create a lake or an entire field. We can handle all grading projects, large or small.

Site contractor

Our professionals are here to help your residential or commercial building site prep. We offer the services of a site contractor to help establish the foundation of your site.

Asphalt paving

Besides land clearing and filling, our company offers help with a variety of site prep, such as paving. Let us help you prepare the work site for construction and help maximize your time and talent by building a strong surface you can rely on for moving.

Retention pond construction

In addition to our paving and excavations, we also collaborate with civil engineers to design retention ponds that will keep your property draining correctly and the job done right the first time.